What I Do

Executive Director & Chief Operations Officer at Vedant TechServe Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Executive Director at UAB Pragna, Lithuania, EU

Executive Director at Vedant Techserve Pvt Ltd, India

Executive Director at Pragna Kiran Netsol Pvt Ltd, India

Co-founder & CEO at Rapido Hosting, India

Managing director at Pragna Kiran, India

Former Executive Director at Wifiray Infratech Pvt Ltd, India


Who I Am

Lover of all what is beautiful, not by eyes but by heart, I don't measure beauty in eyes only whether it is Art, Pleasant Landscape, or Good Heart, but also all forms of beauty. Business is My hobby. I like to have healthy communication on so many things. You may think I am too talkative, but to be it, I am a good listener too. By breathing in more than 15 nations, my mind has become to much open.


My Work

My work is my worship. Since I have started my career, I started it with one thought, "Whatever achievements accomplished by me are the wish and blessings of God and failures to deliver something better in the upcoming passage of time".