What do some people think of India

What do some people think of India

Really today was such new experience on Facebook. As they are Underdeveloped and poor they try to find only poor from other nations. Their eyes can’t see others things than their own pain.

To hide poorly and hugeness of their nations they go to some other nations and can’t find the development of India.

They see stall vendor but how much he is making a day is their yearly income.

They try to be a supplier of thought and motivation with an empty hand and stomach.

To get entertained Indian does not give answers to them as following American white beauty stands.

I am talking about those counties from where in $400-500 months many Indian can get whores to keep their cock in her mouth. even she drinks pee to keep sucking cock for 8 hours a day 5 days of the week as a job of survival.

Now, this much $ even our labours saves a week. That person could not afford tickets for our sleepers class and travels through unreserved class and taking photos to describe whole Indian railway system. They never can think of our Maharaj class travel.

The pain of being highly uneducated never let them see education of Indian. They ask why you go abroad? The answer is they don’t know getting admission to local Indian college is harder than Oxford and Harward. Forget about IIM and IIT none of foreign can pass the entrance of NIT or even states.

In their questions, they forget how much we could afford to have an education which they even can’t afford it at a lower price than us.

Today i would like to request all don’t be bullish to show bull sits about India.

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