Back to Warsaw from Hamburg

Back to Warsaw from Hamburg

These 12days of Hamburg, Germany was very fruitful of my life. I gain so much experience in Germany.

Got the answer to my some unanswered questions about my self, about my choices and about my further planning.

I realized hardcore businessman resides in me, who never like to be employed for someone. How do I can say this!!! In job interview created the prospect for my business. Answers to that business will be revealed post ester holidays.

For visa-free passport how much one can save in his entire life 10K-$30K? Forget it! Travelling full world is not your business. An EU citizen of one nation is also foreigner for other. It means its like teeth of Elefant, Different to show different to use.

If you really good you don’t care for visa-free. Yes, you may care for good life system. I used word system as that is what people follow.

I remember words from someone while being India “Germany is heaven on earth” he visited here 10years ago. Believe me, it is still heaven on earth.

Visit any government office, they are there to help you in free or very nominal cost. There if found someone as crazy or insane ask his origin of the country. He must be immigrant only not German origin. Yes as worldwide immigrants are the only problem for immigrants. Forget more about immigration here.

For doing business Germany might have a very bad rank, as they are very strict prevent misuse of it. As Indian businessman, I found it a little bit of tricky for a foreigner. Not that much worse someone may think of. My belief is easier than some other counties. Germany just it forces to follow rules and many businessmen it hard to do.

I haven’t got many chances to visit more restaurant this time as Gurudwara had wonderful Indian food.

To work I use to visit McDonald and public library. If your works needed to make a call visit McD and if no noise wifi in the library is much better.


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